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I am the Executive Producer of the A Queen's Round Table Channel and the Host for the A Queen's Round Table Show on the Women Win TV Network which is available on Roku & Amazon Fire TV with nearly 100 million viewers. This show is streamed live on both Facebook and YouTube every Sunday at 3:00pm EST. Additionally, each show is uploaded to the A Queen’s Round Table Show Podcast which is available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts & IHeart Radio.

I interview African American Women Entrepreneurs who have found their voice and are determined not to allow their past to dictate their future. I believe when we share our stories, our obstacles and how we got through it provides hope and inspiration to other women. All featured guests provide valuable information to help coaches and/or consultants create unshakeable confidence, increase productivity and profitability in their business.

My audience consists of African American women between the ages of 30-55 who are coaches and/or consultants that are looking to grow their business. They are seeking personal, professional and leadership development to help them upscale their business?  As coaches and/or consultants, they are looking for your expertise in areas such as, business strategy, content creation, finances, public speaking, mindset mastery, confidence building, and many more.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your brand and increase your visibility and creditability as an entrepreneur. Additionally, this platform spotlights authors, both individually and anthologies.  I am a huge advocate for Black women supporting one another personally and professionally. ~I Rise, You Rise, We Rise . . .

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A Queen’s Round Table Show is every Sunday of the month at 3:00pm EST

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