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Dr. Carolyn Stephens


We are powerful alone. But when we join forces, we are unstoppable.

Do you have someone in your life that you can message anytime to get support? Do you have someone whom you can share your secrets to? Do you have someone who knows your story and pain but doesn't use them against you?

In this video, Dr. Carolyn shares insights about:

  • Establishing relationships through vulnerability
  • The importance of a support system
  • Finding healing in each other

"In order to establish a decent relationship, there has to be a level of vulnerability."
-Dr. Carolyn Stephens

When we actually start to interact and receive support, all the toxicity we have embedded in our family system, community system, and cultural system begin to fade away. Having a support system is the greatest component to healing. Go ahead and allow your sisters to see a part of you as they allow you to see a part of themselves too. What you have in you can help them heal, and what they have in them can help you heal. 

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